About us

About us

We are Debbie and Harrie Harskamp. We live with our four children in cozy Meppel. In 2018 we sold our roofing company. After years of working in construction, we decided to change course. Choosing our happiness, more time for our four children and for ourselves.

One day in August 2019, this old, hidden warehouse passed by estate agent Jan Weide. A former coffee roaster. What a cool building! We fell in love instantly. The entrepreneurial spirit came to the surface again. A Bed & Breakfast, right in the center of Meppel, what a dream! The building was bought quickly, the job was huge, but how beautiful it became! Two spacious city apartments with their own luxury kitchen and bathroom. In addition, a nice studio on the ground floor that is wheelchair accessible. Take a look further, we hope to welcome you once!

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To be continued